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CATRINE McGREGOR (GIA) is the legitimate, affordable, knowledgeable and respected resource for you, the ACTOR. GIA provides on-line video courses, video tips, written materials, podcasts, one-on one consulting and classes for ACTORS of all AGES and ABILITIES - WORLDWIDE!

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Actors Rehearsing

Like a builder needs a hammer or a seamstress needs a needle, the actor also needs the tools of the trade. (GIA) provides those tools for any level of actor anywhere in the world. We will provide you the lingo, the etiquette, what is expected of an actor at an audition and on set, about agents and managers, how to audition - and innumerable other aspects of an acting career.

We teach you through video tips, full video courses, booklets, podcasts, audition examples - and one-on-one through video coaching. We will teach you what you need in the way you learn the best.


Jackie Bees.jpg
"Never have I seen so many must-haves for actors in one place. if I had when I started acting decades ago, it would have saved me years of learning by the "school of hard knocks".
This is genius."

Jackie Bees, Actress

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